If You Find A Bat

If you find a bat – Don’t Panic. A bat that is grounded is in need of help. It could be an orphaned pup or an injured or sick adult. Sometimes bats awaken during the winter months and will also need to be rescued due to the fact that there is no food source for them and they have lost a good deal of weight during hibernation. To release them at this point would result in death from either starvation or freezing.

NEVER TOUCH A BAT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS Use gloves or a towel to pick up a bat and put it in a box with some cloth (tee shirt material is fine). Although bats are shy and not aggressive by nature, when they are injured or sick and vulnerable to attack by predators, their only defense mechanism is to bite. They don’t know you’re trying to help rather than make a meal out of them.

Do not try to feed or give water to a bat you have rescued. Many times people do more harm than good by giving fluids or food to a bat that is too cold or emaciated to be able to metabolize either. This could result in additional problems for the rehabilitator to deal with.

BABY SEASON – JUNE THROUGH AUGUST. If you find an orphaned bat, it may be necessary to leave a voicemail or a text message. We’re most likely tending to the babies already in our care and will call you back as soon as we can. Please leave your name and town so that we can direct you to the nearest bat rehabber. We know that it may be inconvenient for you to transport the baby to the rehabber, but meeting us half way would be incredibly helpful. We’re trying to cover the whole state and it is impossible for us to rescue every bat from Sussex to Cape May counties without your help.
Call or text Jackie at 908-200-1040

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